Taking the Mystery out of PowerPoint

With 40 years of presentation experience, Steve Puffenberger, founder and owner of Advent Media, Inc., and author of Painfree Presentations, is sharing some of his wisdom, as well as providing cost effective, convenient online services. Here are the time-tested, audience proven methods to deliver presentation graphics that enhance your message, rather than distract your audience.  Within these tutorials and guides are techniques not found in other tutorials or textbooks.  Learn how to work with your environment rather than against it.  Make PowerPoint your friend.

onPowerPoint.com takes the mystery and misery out of PowerPoint
Learn PowerPoint for Free - free PowerPoint basic training tutorial

New to PowerPoint? Learn the Essentails for Free!

New to PowerPoint? Download "Learn PowerPoint for Free" to learn the fundamental basics of how to build a PowerPoint slide deck. No frills, just the basics, and best of all it's free.

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Understand the Basics? Expand your knowledge.

Ready to enhance your PowerPoint show? Download the expanded "Set PowerPoint Free" tutorial. It includes all the material from the free basic tutorial plus how to format your slides and use some of the advanced features. It's only $10...almost free.

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Set PowerPoint Free - advanced training tutorial for PowerPoint

PainFree Presentations - comprehensive guidbook for successful projected presentations

Become Professional at Presenting

What no tutorial on the Web will tell you is HOW to format your slides so people can read them.  Nor will typical tutorials tell you how to manage all the other distractions that can afflict a presentation.  But the PainFree Presentations guidebook will!  If you're ready to take your presentation-making skills to the next level, you need this guidebook. 

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Need Professional Help?

Who better to turn to for professional presentation services than one who "wrote the book" on presentations?  onPowerPoint's Basic PowerPoint Presentation Services provide online presentation makeovers that give professional results on a budget.  Three levels of PowerPoint services are available.  Send us your "ugly" slides and we'll make them beautiful - and conforming to the standards outlined in the PainFree Presentations guidebook (as much as possible). 

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